Jetty Fishing
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Jetty Fishing Basics

Why are people drawn to Jetty Fishing or Pier Fishing? Most structures like a Jetty or Pier can be fished when the winds are up, the clouds have moved in or when you have no other option than to be land based. Jetties and Piers are like an Artificial Reef for the hundreds of different […]

37cm Bass on a Zman
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Fishing for Dummies – Soft Plastics

By Cameron Hope I started fishing about 5 years ago and I’ve always been a bait fisherman, possibly because I’m extremely lazy. Chuck some squid out on a hook, sit back, relax and hope some unlucky fish swims past and eats what you are offering. It works, which is why a lot of people do […]

Ready for Big Time
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Land Based Shark Tagging Basics by Aaron Davison

Introduction Shark fishing has long been a recreational activity along the Queensland Coast. From the fifties when Bob Dyer was catching record Tigers off Cape Moreton, to the current crop of pier/land-based enthusiasts, all manner of species and weights have been achieved. Thankfully, catch and release fishing has caught on in the past couple of […]

Australian Bass
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Handling Australian Bass

 By Ashley Thamm Here’s a quick article highlighting a few key pointers I have learnt about handling Australian Bass over the last few years. 1) Always handle native fish with extreme care. Don’t take them from the water longer than you’d want your head held underwater and let’s face it that’s not very long at […]

Gar Fishing
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Gar Fishing Tactics

Gar fishing apart from Whiting and Toadfish, would have to be one of the best types of fishing for the kids. The great thing about Gar fishing is that you really only need the basics to get out there and have fun. Freshwater or Saltwater Gar fishing is an activity that they whole family can […]